Proposed Sessions

One of the most common needs for organizational and non-profit websites is a calendar or display of coming events. Using Drupal core, views, and the calendar module alone gives you a lot of power.
Builder | Beginner

On many sites we build, there's a need for re-usable panel panes. Each panel pane would then need custom configuration, and some be context-aware within the site.

Enter ctools content types...

Coder | Intermediate
How does one properly document the architecture of a Drupal website? Drupal architecture can get complicated fairly quickly and include a significant amount of interrelated parts.
Large Scale/SysOps | Advanced

Drupal 8 is upon us. With a completely new core, developers need solid example code to guide their upgrade efforts. The Example module has long filled this need and will again for Drupal 8.

Coder | Intermediate
Building out a secure website was always a 'holy grail' for me before Drupal. Now I've made a couple of them for clients -- with Content Access and a few other nifty modules, it's not too hard, and...
Builder | Beginner
Consulting 101
Business | No Experience
Are you tired of hardcoding fields in your node template files so that they are laid out the way you want? Would you like to throw a view or a block in your node displays without using an input...
Builder | Intermediate
Use IMCE to manage multiple contributor content. Keep your file system clean. Manage duplicate files. Protect each contributor's content. This will be an overview of implementing IMCE and setting...
Builder | Beginner
This session casts a vision of how to continue the growth of the Drupal community in a way that promotes more contributors and helps companies find more Drupal talent.
Business | No Experience
Using maps is powerful way to present geographic data. This session will survey the various mapping solutions available for Dupal 7 ranging from the Location module to Open Layers to Leaflet.
Builder | Beginner

Forget Mozart and Beethoven! This Drupally Gitness is Where It's At.

Warning: Some Assembly Required

Michael Hofmockel
Coder | Advanced

There are three common problems I've encountered when working on a Drupal project:

Dave Reid
Coder | Intermediate
Sharing content among Drupal websites can be challenging. This session will discuss a method that avoids content synchronization and directly utilizes content stored on a different database.
Chris Burge
Builder | Intermediate
And you may ask yourself "How do I work this?" Many Drupal site builds replace existing sites done in other CMSs, don't stress over bringing over all that content to Drupal. The Migrate module is...
Coder | Intermediate
This session would be for people who have little to no experience with Drupal whatsoever.
Builder | No Experience

Myth Busting website performance truisms - analytical look at actual performance improvements of most popular ‘fixes’

When it comes to site performance, we all know the simple truths:

Large Scale/SysOps | Intermediate

Performance and scalability is a huge problem space. There's lots of expertise out there to learn from, but it can be hard for a newcomer to organize it all and not lose the forest for the trees...

Builder | Intermediate


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