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This session casts a vision of how to continue the growth of the Drupal community in a way that promotes more contributors and helps companies find more Drupal talent. The entire idea is centered around getting people involved with Drupal at an even younger age. In fact, the idea is that getting Drupal curriculum taught in our high schools (and eventually possibly middle schools) will introduce Drupal to tens of thousands of students in a way that teaches not only how to build websites with Drupal, but also how they can give back to Drupal in the process. The session was inspired by a blog post I wrote (http://codekarate.com/blog/drupal-in-k12) and an initiative to get Drupal curriculum in 2,000+ high schools in the next 24 months. This should be a fun and hopefully inspiring session that will get you to think about the future of not only Drupal, but the Drupal community as a whole.
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