Corny Jokes

Religious Drupal developers have a lot easier time compared to atheist Drupal developers, because they have no issues with form_alter! -wylbur
Why do Canadians make good REST clients? Because they're so good at curling. - @_tessr -Anonymous (not verified)
Drupal, it's more than meets the API. -jrearick
Did you hear about the Drupal developer atheist? He didn't believe in COD. -Anonymous (not verified)
Did you hear about the web developer who could not find the APIs? Turns out it was much ADO about nothing. -Anonymous (not verified)
If Drupal had a dog, it would be either a spaniel or a retriever. -Anonymous (not verified)
How does a Drupal developer change a lightbulb? He doesn't ... he just basks in the glow of his own monitor. -Anonymous (not verified)
Joomla and Drupal meet at a bar. Joomla says, "Hey baby, want to see my open source?" Drupal replied, "No thanks, Wordpress tells me it's buggy." -Anonymous (not verified)
What's a website's favorite Chinese meal? Chicken Do Main. -Anonymous (not verified)
What happened when Drupal met User 1? It was love at first site. -Anonymous (not verified)
What did the Drupal site say to its first love? You're the only User 1 for me. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why did the English teacher and Drupal developer get along? Because they were pro-grammar. -Anonymous (not verified)
What's a browser's favorite TV show? My Name is URL. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why did the developer vacation on F5 Island? Because it was so refreshing. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why couldn't the user go to the admin party? Because he didn't have permission. -Anonymous (not verified)
What did the Drupal site say at dinner? I'd like to see a menu. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why didn't the basketball player pass the ball? Because he was Drupal teamed. -Anonymous (not verified)
What did the data say when it ran away from the web browser? Cache me if you can! -Anonymous (not verified)
Knock knock. Who's there? Node. Node who? Node who'd like to go to DrupalCorn with me? -Anonymous (not verified)
Why did the developer cross the road? To get to the other site. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why couldn't the developer recognize the HTML Editor? Because it was wearing a WYSIWYG -Anonymous (not verified)
How do you make a website blush? Say something nice about its back-end. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why did the copy and image get married? Because they were content. -Anonymous (not verified)
What did the sidebar say to the content? I've been around the block. -Anonymous (not verified)
What do you call an 85-year-old back-end developer named Esther? Programma -Anonymous (not verified)
What do you call a CMS that's best in the class? A star Drupal. -Anonymous (not verified)
Who is a programmer's favorite rapper? Drup Doggy Dogg -Anonymous (not verified)
How much does a Drupal weigh? A pro-gram. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why did the Drupal site sell its data? Because they needed the cache. -Anonymous (not verified)
Why did the Drupal developer break up with his girlfriend? Just wasn't his content type. -Anonymous (not verified)
What do you call a request to download multiple modules from the command line, in a hurry? A Drush job. -Anonymous (not verified)
I need a new suit so I can drush up for the big day. -jrearick
Why did the programmer quit his job? Because he didn't get arrays. -jrearick
A SQL query walks up to two tables in a restaurant and asks, “Mind if I join you?” -genjohnson
How many developers does it take to change a lightbulb? None, that's a hardware problem. -genjohnson


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