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Hands on Drupal training with experts. If you're brand new to Drupal and want to get a head start prior to the camp, you will be interested in attending a training session.

All training sessions run from early morning through late afternoon and includes lunch as well as coffee/snacks.

You may only attend one training course as they all run concurrently.

Thursday, July 17

9:00 am to 5:00 pm

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In traditional trainings, students watch a trainer lecture for the bulk of the training, during which some students will get lost, some get bored because they're already familiar with the material, and most will simply not be able to stay focused on a trainer speaking for long periods of time.

There are numerous educational initiatives around the world addressing the problem with this model in various ways. You may have heard of the Flipped Classroom model, for example, which has been popularized by the Khan Academy. The Mentored Training model is rooted in this kind of approach, where we use recorded lectures and let students work through them on their own time. This particular... Read More

Room 112 - Iowa State University Information Technology Services

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Maybe you know nothing about Drupal, but you've heard that it's really really hard.

Maybe you've played around with it and been blindsided by some of the quirkiness of the user interface and complexity.

Maybe you've gotten kind of far, but you feel like you missed out on the foundations of Drupal and wish you had a better grasp of how Drupal works.

No matter what situation you find yourself in, join me as we spend a whole day building a simple, but powerful, blog and article site together as a class.

We'll go step by step and configure:

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Room 113 - University of Iowa Information Technology Services

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This training demonstrates a functioning project management method that offers structure and control, but allows for changing requirements. Managing web projects is complicated. They are frequently pulled in different directions by stakeholders, mixed team goals and experts. Not to mention, deadlines with a zero margin.

Although Drupal specific development techniques will be covered, the training as a whole is not Drupal centric.

Learning Objectives

This training covers the basics of project management for web projects. You will be given an overview of different project management methods (traditional/waterfall, agile and incremental delivery).

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Room 114 - Appnovation


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