Location, Location, Location - Mapping with Drupal

Using maps is powerful way to present geographic data. This session will survey the various mapping solutions available for Dupal 7 ranging from the Location module to Open Layers to Leaflet. We'll briefly discuss the power of maps and how to use them effectively. We will help site builders understand the options available to them and decide which solutions are most appropriate for their situation. We'll show some of the powerful things that can be done with maps using contrib modules and a little patience. We'll also look at several examples of sites have made creative use of maps to accomplish their goals. Some of the specific cases that we'll cover: • Creating a map that shows your organizations various locations • Getting directions to or from a location • Filtering content on a map based upon proximity, taxonomy, or other criteria. • Displaying and filtering different kinds of information on the same map. • Using the Leaflet open-source javascript library The presenter has implemented a variety of mapping features on client websites and presented a version of this session at local user groups/camps.
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