Sharing Content with Drupal: An Alternative to Feeds

Sharing content among Drupal websites can be challenging.

For example, in a typical higher-education setting, how can news content from the College of Arts and Sciences website be aggregated and displayed with other colleges' news content on a University's Public Relations website.

Common methods for sharing content between sites include the following:

  • exposing content on the source site with an RSS or XML feed and importing the content on the target site using the Feeds module
  • using node export and UUID to synchronize the shared content between sites

This session will discuss an alternate method that avoids the content synchronization steps and directly utilizes content stored on a different database from the target site. This approach allows for visual design and configuration on each target site – using familiar tools like Views, Panels, and Search API.

This session will address motivations for the development of the modules that support this workflow, as well as use cases and examples.

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