"Coming Events" - Manage Your Calendar with Drupal

One of the most common needs for organizational and non-profit websites is a calendar or display of coming events. Using Drupal core, views, and the calendar module alone gives you a lot of power. However, there are lots of other contrib modules that can make your calendar even more powerful. In this session we will: * Survey modules that work with calendar and views to offer powerful functionality for keeping track of upcoming events. * Talk a little bit about responsive calendars * Usability advice on providing the right amount of information and functionality for your calendar (not too much or too little) * Show how to use pop-ups for quick access to event information * How to promote a news item to the calendar (or vise versa) * Discuss some potential problems (and solutions) with repeating events * Show how to give your users easy access to add events * How to color code your events * Theming issues * Look at possible performance issues associated with calendars This session will be great for individuals working on a website for their own organization or beginning site-builders that work with non-profits, associations, churches, school, or other organizations with lots of events.
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