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Bruce Clingan

Director of Business Development
I am the Director of Business Development for LightSky and oversee a variety of our internal tasks from our dev ops to our marketing and sales team. I regularly serve as a project manager, particularly on larger and more complex projects, and am also very active in the development and build of our Drupal projects. I love continuing to grow my Drupal skills, and converting that knowledge into tools that will help our partners and staff. I have a Bachelors Degree from Wright State University, and a Master's Degree from University of Cincinnati, and actively teach criminal justice at the college level. I am also very active in the criminal justice community in my local area. I enjoy aviation, and am a private pilot but don't get to fly as much as I would like. In the Spring and Summer you are most likely to find me at the race track with some sprint cars, and in the Fall and Winter you are most likely to find me on the ice curling. I work and reside in Troy, just North of Dayton, Ohio with my wife Stephanie and our daughter.


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