Responsive Images with Picture & Breakpoints

Ethan Marcotte coined the term Responsive Web Design in May 2010, right about the time of Drupal 7.0-alpha3. Since then the ideas of what is required for a Responsive or Adaptive site has gone through many iterations and it still seems like the Wild West at times! Picture element, SRCSET, Breakpoints and Polyfills for good measure; it is hard to keep it all straight and get stuff done. Oh, and don't forget Internet Explorer!

Now on the eve of Drupal 8 we finally see some light at the end of the tunnel as it looks like the Picture element is going to become a standard. That is good news for Drupal, as the Drupal community decided to go with Picture for Drupal 8 with the Responsive Images and Breakpoints modules over 2 years ago! While the Drupal 8 implementation still has some rough edges, the backported versions of Responsive Images (Picture module) and Breakpoints are both stable, capable releases.

In this session we will look at using the Picture module with the Breakpoints module in Drupal 7 to implement responsive images. We will look at formatting image fields, inline images and Views output. We will wrap up with a quick look at Drupal 8.

The session is targeting accomplished Site Builders, with no experience using the Picture or Breakpoints modules.




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Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 13:15 to 14:00


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