Intro to Organic Groups

Organic Groups [OG] is powerful. Like so many concepts within Drupal, it has its own learning curve.

Join me for an hour as we get OG up and running on a sandbox site. We'll go click by click to get you over the hurdles of leveraging this most amazing module!

What you'l learn:

  • What is OG?
  • What can it do?
  • When should you use it?
  • When should you NOT use it?
  • Which of the MANY MANY modules should you enable?

This will be hands on, so come with a laptop with Drupal installed OR a remote site that you have access to where you can install modules. If you need a quick, free, easy to use sandbox, go to and set u a free [for life!] Drupal 7 sandbox account.

Questions about this session OR dougvann in general?

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Session Time Slot(s): 
Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 10:00 to 10:45


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