Discovering Discovery

Have you ever participated in a Discovery Session? Yes? No? Doesn't matter - this session is for you! This session will go through the basics of a productive discovery session. From this session, attendees will walk away with a better understanding of:

  • Discovery Purpose
  • Discovery Definition
  • Intended audience and balance for Discovery
  • Sample Discovery Agenda
  • Discovery Methodology
  • Discovery Tactics & Logistics
  • Next steps following a successful Discovery Session

(Self Promotion) - In my (non-technical) role, I've facilitated and led dozens of Discovery sessions throughout numerous industries. Humbly, I don't believe the discovery methodology I use to be single way, but I do believe it to be effective as it has led to many a successful enterprise implementation. I'd like to share my learnings.

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Friday, July 18, 2014 - 15:45 to 16:30


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