5 Secrets to Becoming a Drupal Ninja

If you are relatively new to Drupal you may be feeling amazed and overwhelmed. It may seem like everyone else knows so much, yet you are struggling to figure things out. I know I felt that way when I first got started. This session is for myself 5 years ago, or perhaps for you if you are new to the Drupal world.

There are certain things that seasoned Drupal developers, designers, and site builders do that help them win with Drupal. In this session we will go over 5 things you should be doing to try to become a Drupal ninja. This is a session for relative newcomers to Drupal and possibly website development in general. Some of the topics covered will include Code editors, version control, Drush, Drupal development processes & best practices, managing site configuration and more.

Oh, and if you are not exactly sure what a "Drupal Ninja" is... you will learn that too.

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Friday, July 18, 2014 - 10:00 to 10:45


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