Keynote: Josh Koenig

The Integrated Web

The distinction between online and offline is becoming meaningless. Our lives are becoming natively, organically digital — integrated across devices and services. The next wave of innovation on the web is upon us, as websites are the logical hub for all these different aspects to come together. I call this "the Integrated Web".

Can technologies like Drupal that emerged from the last major wave keep up? Indeed they can, and surprisingly well. What kinds of websites will we build in the future, and what needs will they serve? Find out in this fast-paced and engaging presentation.

Keynote will be streamed live from this page!

About Josh

Josh has been active with the Drupal community since 2003. His specialties are in infrastructure, architecture, scalability, and high-performance engineering. He is a founder of the Drupal Dojo and served as CTO of Chapter Three from founding through 2010, when he founded Pantheon, an all-in-one platform for Drupal hosting.

As Pantheon’s Co-Founder and Developer Evangelist, Josh believes the clues to Drupal’s destiny are in its DNA. The same community practice, modular architecture, and vibrant developer ecosystem that made Drupal a powerful choice for enterprise websites can also help it become a dominant web platform. Today, Josh lives for the spark in a developer’s eye when they realize “there’s a best practice for that,” and it’s already built into the platform.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014 - 09:00 to 09:45


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