DrupalCorn Camp 2014 is this week!

If you have not purchased your tickets for DrupalCorn Camp 2014, stop reading this and purchase them right now.

Here are a few legitimate reasons for missing DrupalCorn Camp 2014:

  • ???  (Sorry, I can't think of one.)

Here are a few illegitimate reasons for missing DrupalCorn Camp 2014:

  • I didn't purchase a ticket - You can still purchase a ticket right now.
  • I don't know Drupal - Sign up for training. Plus that's what the camp is for!
  • I don't know anyone going - Attend the GetPantheon Party and meet lots of people.
  • I don't contribute to Drupal - Attending a camp, is a contribution in my mind. Or attend the Sprint. There will be mentors on site to help you.
  • My presentation did not get accepted - Attend the camp and present as a BOF.

Go buy your tickets! Go register for training and the sprint! Tell your friends!


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Why did the English teacher and Drupal developer get along? Because they were pro-grammar. -Anonymous (not verified)

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